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Transform Your Life!
Allow yourself
Space To Shine

Brave space for self discovery, growth & healing

Support to navigate the winds of change, in alignment

so that you can lead vibrant-fulfilling-purposeful-creative lives. 

What is 
is this all about?

Embark on a journey of profound  

self discovery & empowerment 

Space to Shine led by Jamie Lynn is a sanctuary that supports Influential-Talented people learn to navigate the winds of change, in alignment so that they can lead a vibrant fulfilling purposeful creative lives. To identify and dissolve the pain of destructive behaviors and beliefs. No longer led by outside influences, but instead create a life that is reflective of their true essence.


If you want to be better for yourself and everyone around you, then its time to make that change!


Through mentorship and commitment to your evolution, you'll confidently navigate life's transitions, embracing transformation and expansion. Which will lead you to a vibrant life.

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Meet The Founder

Hi, My name is Jamie Lynn  and I am an Empowerment Coach, Holistic Mentor and Energy Healer dedicated to serving others on their Transformative Journeys.


My superpower-my purpose is to hold space, guide, and inspire individuals to tap into their inner healing and  wisdom. For years, I was blessed to provide support to spiritual entrepreneurs, guiding them to share their gifts, expand their wings.

With extensive training and certifications in Holistic Entrepreneurship, Mindvalley Life Coaching, Reiki Mastery, Shamanic Practice, Trauma-Informed Yoga, and Energy Healing, I offer empowering coaching, mentorship, workshops, and personalized healing sessions.

By blending ancient wisdom with modern techniques, I help release stagnant energy and restore balance across mind, body, and spirit. My focus is on co-creating a nurturing environment to identify and remove energetic blocks, allowing alignment with your true essence, purpose and desires.

With an unwavering commitment to my own dharma, I am devoted to serving as your guide and ally on this transformative path.

Together we will embark on a journey of

self-discovery and empowerment. Unlocking the extraordinary potential that lies within you!


At Space To Shine, I offer a range of self-development coaching, mentorship, and energy healing services to support clients to realize their aligned goals and dreams, and to unlock their full potential to lead a purposeful life .

Embrace your Evolution

Navigate Change with Confidence

A 4 Week Group Transformational Journey


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Navigate Change with Confidence-Embark on a Journey of Empowerment and Ignite Profound Transformation in 4 Weeks. Beginning Oct. 19th

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Client Success Stories

"Jamie has absolutely changed my soul, my mindset, my programming, and my calmness. She has taught me tools to keep cool when life gets turned up WAY too high. Reiki with her is a magical experience, she channels so strong and you leave feeling like a new person, with greater balance. I could not put into words the magic in this space and especially that which flows through Jamie."

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