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Manifestors Bundle

Conscious Creation for the Seasonal Soul

A very special bundle of 3 private sessions & ongoing guidance with Jamie that is more than a coaching experience; it's a sacred space designed to help you gain Clarity, Confidence, and Renewed Inspiration for the New Year!

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that mirrors the rhythm of your spirit through reflection, celebration, and envisioning?

Here is how we will do this

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Session 1:
Reflect & Release

In the gentle embrace of early, we will traverse the landscapes of your past year, not as a critic but as a compassionate friend. Through guided reflection, heartfelt journaling, and mindfulness, we'll illuminate the highs and lows. The process is a dance, a recognition of achievements, a testament to the lessons, and a conscious release of what no longer serves you. Picture it as crafting a love letter to your year. The outcome? Clarity and an open heart, ready to welcome the new.


Session 2:
Connect & Envision 

As winter unfolds, we'll put on our co-creator hats. Together, let's embark on a vibrant journey of connecting and envisioning your future. Imagine a canvas where your dreams take form—this is the magic of vision boarding. Through this visual tapestry, we'll explore the desires nestled in the corners of your heart. This isn't just about setting goals; it's a celebration of your soul's whispers, a shout out to the dreams that sparkle in your eyes. The outcome? A tangible manifestation of your goals, a burst of motivation, and a roadmap to guide your footsteps.


Session 3:
Design & Embody

As winter's canvas expands, we dive into the art of strategic life design. This is the nitty-gritty of conscious goal setting, action planning, and the gentle strength of accountability. We break down your vision into bite-sized, actionable goals. With holistic guidance, thoughtful journal prompts, and personalized worksheets, we illuminate the path forward. The outcome? A crystal-clear roadmap, a heightened sense of empowerment, and the assurance that the manifestation of your dreams are not only valid but achievable.

Romantic Couple


 having personalized guidance for your individual needs and aspirations and support to stay committed to intentions & goals



feeling grateful for your last year, having clarity, closure, and a clean slate for the new year.


opening up your calendar in January having clear intentions, not just another to-do list.


waking up in January eager to dive into this new year feeling relief and contentment embrace you, and a profound sense of calm assurance whispers through your soul. With each step, a newfound confidence and empowerment guide you with a magnetic strength and self-assuredness that resonates with your every action. You now carry with you a belief in your capabilities, a powerful force propelling you forward.


I designed this bundle to help people like you dymistify conscious creation and empower you to manifest your dreams in 2024 and beyond.

Secure your spot today!

Price $333

Limited number of spots available.

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To secure your spot. Please fill out form below and click submit check out.

Thanks for submitting. Jamie will be in touch to schedule your calls!

Additionally: There will be Email support that offers guidance, nervous system regulation tools (which can come in handy, especially this time of year, just sayin') homework, journal prompts, and accountability throughout the process. It's not just what happens on the calls, It's how you bring it into your daily life.

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Hi there! 

I am Jamie Lynn McIntosh, your guide in the realm of conscious creation. As an intuitive mentor and facilitator, I specialize in supporting talented, influential creatives, and changemakers who often find themselves yearning for more alignment and fulfillment in their lives.


My approach is gentle yet empowering, blending reflection, celebration, and visionary intention-setting to craft a bespoke experience for each soul I guide.


With a background rooted in holistic practices and a keen understanding of the unique challenges faced by those in high-performing roles, I am here to create a sacred space where you can reflect on your past, envision a compelling future, and strategically plan for a year of success and growth.


Let's navigate the journey together, empowering you with tools and experiences that will resonate far beyond our time together.

I created this bundle for you to gain the tools of manifestion but to also cultivate a profound understanding of your inner self. The Mindful Manifestatioin bundle is a gift to your future self. 

Ensure that the magic of manifestion becomes an inherant part of your being, and get ready to be empowered, inspired and fully equipped to consciously create your desires with authenticity.

Due to the intimate and limited nature of  this bundle,
clients entry will be honored on a first come first served.

All 3 Sessions to be completed by March 20th, 2024

Click below to secure your spot, Jamie will be in touch within 48hrs to schedule your first session.

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